The Majority Report 06/07/15 - Are cuts, freezes and closures shared sacrifice or an attack on the middle-class?


An agenda for the middle class

An agenda for the middle classIn a move to reduce student debt, raise the minimum wage and shut down corporate tax loopholes, Senate Democrats unveiled a new legislative agenda in the wake of stalled negotiations with Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The agenda comes as Gov. Rauner has threatened to shut down state government and all state services if lawmakers don't reduce worker protections, make it harder to sue companies with defective or dangerous products and cut billions of dollars from critical services for children and seniors. More cuts and closures were announced Tuesday by the governor.

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40,000 Illinois seniors without home care

40,000 Illinois seniors without home careNearly 40,000 seniors striving to stay in their homes will be left without care as part of a slew of cuts announced by Governor Rauner yesterday, according to AARP. The Community Care Program, providing basic care to more than 80,000 seniors throughout Illinois, would be drastically scaled back, leaving many without care and, in many cases, forcing them out of their homes.

"I'm too crippled to work, and all I need is a little help to maintain a reasonable quality of life," program participant Ray Miller said. "Don't we, as citizens who have paid taxes all of our lives, deserve to be treated better? Apparently, our new governor thinks we are just a burden."

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How workers' comp rollbacks hurt workers

How workers' comp rollbacks hurt workersRecently ProPublica, a non-profit organization producing investigative journalism in the public interest, and National Public Radio produced a podcast series on workers' compensation. It introduces injured workers from different states with similar injuries but very different outcomes based on their states' benefits. Learn about their investigation, how the project began, how many legislators don't understand the ways rollbacks hurt workers and how this reflects what the governor's ideas on workers' comp reforms for Illinois.

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Schools balking at property tax freeze idea

A Rauner proposal that would freeze property taxes is not sitting well with some west-central Illinois school districts, many of which rely on the taxes as a primary source of income. For some districts, this could eliminate some much-needed financial support, superintendents said.

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Will Rauner's proposed cuts cause crises in the Illinois Valley?

Peru city leaders recently withdrew funding to re-engineer that problematic intersection and other road projects due to Gov. Bruce Rauner's "turnaround" proposal to fix the state's woeful economic condition. Some cities such as Peru can simply put off a couple road projects and move on. Other cities, such as La Salle, would likely be forced to lay off employees.

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