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Senate Dems call for solutions to O'Hare noise burden

Senate Dems call for solutions to O'Hare noise burdenState and federal lawmakers and local officials came together at a press conference today about concerns with rising noise levels from O'Hare International Airport.

The noise issues stem from a dramatic shift in air traffic capacity from diagonal runways to east-west runways. The resolution calls for timely and open communication about hearings in areas surrounding the airport and a halt to runway expansion until public input is complete.

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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Community Care Program

top-5-ccp-mrMore than 100,000 Illinois senior citizens still live in their own homes with the assistance of home health aides. Without that help they would be forced to move to assisted living or nursing homes. Why does that matter and why does the State of Illinois benefit from funding these programs?

A commenter on Facebook said this: "Please watch this, open the links, think about mom and dad, grandparents, your elderly neighbor. All are happy to live at home where health is better, costs are 80% less than a nursing home and taxpayers are saving money. Then, call your state representative, senator and the governor, 217-782-0244. Tell them to stop the cuts to the Community Care Program. Thank you."

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Van Pelt: Rauner cuts to worker training program hurt businesses, families

Van Pelt: Rauner cuts to worker training program hurt businesses, familiesPrograms designed to help businesses and prospective employees alike are facing the chopping block as Governor Bruce Rauner has begun slashing programs and services rather than close corporate loopholes to try to balance the state budget.

"My understanding was that we were all working to bring good paying jobs for highly skilled workers into Illinois. With the elimination of these grants, the governor's office is going in the opposite direction. Without continuous training, our workforce will fall behind other, more technologically savvy nations. That will not help our middle-class and will not help our state," Senator Van Pelt said. "These are programs businesses want and need to help them stay competitive in the face of global competition."

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Rauner's budget threatens program for seniors

Rauner's budget threatens program for seniorsThis week a letter from a Metro East home health worker was published on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's website She cited her experience with in-home care rather than nursing homes:

"Helping seniors stay safe and healthy in their homes has been my most rewarding job. Rewarding because the CCP provides seniors the more cost-effective and more desired option of staying in their home, over going to a nursing home."

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