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Bennett: Let victims decide when they are ready to seek justice

Senator Scott Bennett, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Scott Cross

SPRINGFIELD – Legislation removing the statute of limitations for certain sex crimes against minors passed the Illinois Senate yesterday. By a vote of 54-0, members of the Senate sided with victims still struggling to come to terms with the crimes committed against them.

State Senator Scott Bennett (D-Champaign) worked with Attorney General Lisa Madigan to pass the measure.

“Survivors of these horrific crimes should not be forced to seek justice before they are ready to do so,” Bennett said. “This legislation is a beacon of hope to victims all over Illinois that an arbitrary deadline won’t stand between them and justice.”

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has made protecting the victims of sex crimes a top priority of her office.

“For a child survivor of sexual assault, reporting their crime can be unimaginable because these crimes are usually committed by an adult they know well,” Madigan said. “We must ensure that we can seek justice whenever a survivor comes forward to report the crime.”

The measure now goes to the House of Representatives.