Holmes excited for tech development in Aurora

State Senator Linda Holmes joined Gov. JB Pritzker and local officials in Aurora Thursday to launch the 605 Innovation District

Aurora, Ill. – State Senator Linda Holmes joined Gov. JB Pritzker and local officials in Aurora Thursday to launch the 605 Innovation District and bring greater business and technology development to the city. Holmes released the following statement to recognize the investment in technology and jobs for Aurora:

“Gov. Pritzker is such a champion of innovation and I welcome him to Aurora to recognize the great opportunity that Bureau Gravity is bringing here. This has been Jimi Allen’s dream for years, we spoke of it often when we were office neighbors. I’m honored to be here to celebrate his awesome achievement.

July is Youth Preparedness Month

youth preparedness month smallJuly is Youth Preparedness Month. When disaster strikes, young people have specific needs during recovery that are often times not accounted for. Your child can make sure those needs are brought to the attention of recovery agencies by joining a youth preparedness program.

What is a youth preparedness program?

  • Youth preparedness programs teach young people the proper steps to remain safe during and after a disaster. Some programs even give young people a seat at the table when it comes to developing recovery plans.

Why should my child join a youth preparedness program?

  • Children are positive influencers and can help spread important messages, so by enrolling your child in a youth preparedness program they can help educate their school administration, yourself and even their future families about being prepared in the event of a disaster.
  • Children will grow up to be our next leaders, so placing an emphasis on preparedness will mean a greater focus on disaster mitigation in future leaders.
  • Youth preparedness programs help empower children to advocate for themselves.

How can my child get involved?

  • Click here to find a program in your area that is right for you.

Historic statewide construction package signed into law

Historic statewide construction package signed into law

Communities across the state will see renewed investment in their infrastructure under a bipartisan construction plan approved by the General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. JB Pritzker today.

The $45 billion construction package is the culmination of a three-month negotiation process during which lawmakers traveled throughout Illinois to hear input from local officials, educators, transportation experts and other interested parties.

“We spent months traveling this state and learned more than I thought possible about the infrastructure needs in various communities,” said State Senator Martin A. Sandoval (D-Chicago), who co-chaired the committee charged with developing the construction plan. “The result is a comprehensive package that takes into account the testimony we heard and fairly invests in communities in every corner of the state.”