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Cullerton to City Club: the time is now for grand bargain (VIDEO)

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At noon today, Senate President John J. Cullerton is speaking to the City Club of Chicago, in a presentation titled, "A Grand Bargain: The time is now." We will add video of his speech after it becomes available; in the meantime, here is the text of his speech and his presentation slides. You can watch the speech live at https://www.cityclub-chicago.org/.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. Leader Radogno sends her regards and wishes she could be here. I wish she could be here, too.

jjc slides 020617Let’s get right to the point. Illinois hasn’t had a budget in two years.

I’m going to read you one sentence about that impasse:

During that time, sexual assault victims were frozen out of counseling, homeless teens and domestic violence survivors were kicked to the curb, breast cancer screenings were eliminated, and large and formerly stable charities like Lutheran Social Services of Illinois as well as small and vulnerable service providers laid off thousands of staff members and discontinued programs.

That’s from a recent Rich Miller newspaper column. That’s a lot of horrible for one sentence.

It smacks you in the face. It makes you uncomfortable. It should.

But that’s where we are. That’s what we’ve become as a state.

So, today …
I want to talk about the realities we face, Go over the senate’s plan to do something about it and explain what happens if we’re not successful.

More importantly, I’m here to ask for your support and your help. If you want this gridlock to end, lawmakers need to hear from you. Call them, email them, tag them on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s the key point:
If not this plan, then what?
And if not now, then when?

Read the rest of the speech

Added: video of Cullerton's speech

Hon. John Cullerton, Senate President - State of Illinois from City Club of Chicago on Vimeo.