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Bush’s measure ensures taxpayers won’t have to pay more for Rauner’s special sessions

bush 053117SPRINGFIELD – Special session costs won’t increase thanks to a measure sponsored by Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) that freezes reimbursements and salaries for General Assembly members.

The measure was signed into law today after Bush publicly called on the governor to save taxpayer dollars and sign the legislation.

“The special sessions the governor has demanded are expensive, costing taxpayers upwards of $48,000 each day,” Bush said. “I am pleased that the governor signed my measure to prevent his special sessions from becoming even more expensive.”

House Bill 643 freezes the Illinois General Assembly's mileage reimbursement and per diem rates at previous levels. Without Bush’s measure, the per diem rate for legislators would jump from $111 to $142 and the mileage reimbursement rate would go from $0.39 per mile to $0.535 per mile.

“I encourage the governor to go one step further in saving money for Illinois taxpayers by disclosing his plans for his school funding veto and meeting with legislative leaders to negotiate a plan instead of wasting Illinois tax dollars on unnecessary special sessions,” Bush said.

House Bill 643 was sent to the governor on June 29 after it passed both chambers with bipartisan support.

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